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TransMap Viewer

TransMap Viewer is a special microarray data analysis program created for visualisation of gene expression data using transcription maps. TransMap Viewer allows you to discover clustering of highly expressed genes in chromosomal domain.

Explore chromosomal domains with TransMap Viewer

TransMap Viewer is an interactive tool for exploration of gene expression data in chromosomal domain. It gives you the opportunity to zoom into chromosomal areas of your interest, highlight expression differences using built-in contrast enhancement tool and much more.

TransMap Viewer screenshot. Click to enlarge.

Compare gene expression levels in your experiments

With TransMap Viewer it's easy to visually compare overall expression levels of your genes. TransMap Viewer's Gene expression graph shows you the expression profiles of active genes. The application also supports dual-channel view mode which allows you to view and compare expression values of two seleced channels.

Produce high-quality images for your publications

TransMap Viewer helps you to create transcription maps for your publications. You have the opportunity to save current chromosomal view as a bitmap (BMP or PNG) and as a vector (EMF) image.

Download TransMap Viewer now

TransMap Viewer is freeware! You can download it by filling out this short form and clicking the download button below. You will also need to have Microsoft .NET framework 2.0 installed to run this application. If you don't already have Microsoft .NET framework installed, you can download it here. After downloading, you can install it by double-clicking its main executable file.

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